Elizée on Modern Living with Kathy Ireland

Elizée is pleased to share news of the line's upcoming feature on Modern Living with Kathy Ireland. Founder and CEO Erika Carrero was invited to explain the comfort technology behind the brand and share her story of how she developed the concept for her groundbreaking designs. Showcasing the assortment of high heeled sandals, pumps, and booties, Carrero was thrilled to earn the renowned supermodel and businesswoman’s accolades. Until the segment goes live in the new year, here is a sneak peek behind the scenes and highlights from Ireland’s conversation with Carrero.

Modern Living with Kathy Ireland: Elizée Shoes press feature on set display: Deia and Bella booties and Frecia pump

The brand’s unique, human-centered approach approach to re-engineering luxury was a key topic. Applauding Elizée's unique Plush Contour Insole and commitment to all-day comfort, Ireland commended Carrero for her innovations, stating "you have brought technology and science to fashion."


In addition, we would be amiss not to highlight her approval of the line's aesthetics and Italian craftsmanship, as well. Ireland told her viewers, "these shoes are gorgeous! From every direction. Just top quality."


Elizée Shoes Founder & CEO Erika Carrero on set at Modern Living with Kathy Ireland, featuring the bestselling Adriana Sandal

From one of the world's most successful self-made businesswomen, not to mention a fashion icon who undoubtedly knows her way around a pair of high heels, this is high praise, indeed. Thank you, Kathy and the team at Modern Living, for your continued support of a fellow female entrepreneur.



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