Elizée was at the Access Hollywood Set. Lights, camera, action for our Adriana sandals

When elegance and style as well as comfort are called for, Elizée is the answer. This is what Access Hollywood host Courtney Lopez – @courtneym_lopez – recently discovered when she chose to wear our Adriana sandals while hosting @accesshollywood along with her hubby @mariolopez

Access Hollywood host Courtney Lopez looks gorgeous on set in her Adriana sandals by Elizée. Pictured here with co-host and hubby Mario Lopez.

Courtney told us she loved the shoes, and so far she has worn them twice on the show.

On filming days, there is a lot of standing, so comfort is key. Enter our plush insole!

On filming days, not only do you have to look your absolute best, you also need to ensure comfort for all the hours of standing – not only during shooting, but also during rehearsals, hair and make-up touch-ups, and more. Cue Elizée’s plush insole, as well as our quality craftsmanship.

Access Hollywood host Courtney Lopez, in her incredibly sexy Adriana sandals, with co-host and husband Mario Lopez.

From our design studio in San Francisco to our boutique factory in Italy, Elizée travels the globe to bring you luxury that truly works for you, as Courtney with her Adrianas can attest.

Here Courtney pairs her Elizée Adriana sandals with an elegant jumpsuit. She is pictured here with her husband and co-host Mario Lopez (right) and special guest

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