Elizée on the Dallas Morning News

Dallas's CW33 television station featured Elizée on The Morning After news segment today as their top pick for women's fall fashion. As we all get back to the new normal after quarantine, comfortable heels are key.

Special fashion correspondent Cheryl Leahy (of "All Dressed Up and Nothing to Drink" lifestyle influencer fame) shared Elizée's Bella bootie with anchor Jenny Anchondo as her must-have for the season. "These are gorgeous!" she declared. "All-day comfort with a luxurious design." In her writeup, she states emphatically: "HEELS ARE BACK. (But only if they are comfy.)" We couldn't agree more.


 CW33 Dallas News Segment

The Morning After with Jenny Anchondo


Elizée Shoes Make the Dallas News | CW33 The Morning After
Elizée Shoes on the Dallas News | CW33 The Morning After
Elizée Shoes on the Dallas News | CW33 The Morning After


All day comfort, luxurious design with Italian craftsmanship. Elizee shoes are designed with their signature Plush Contour Insole, each style is shaped to cushion and support, the foot securely for an ultra-wearable luxury experience. https://elizeeshoes.com/

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Blog Post from Cheryl Leahy

All Dressed Up and Nothing to Drink


HEELS ARE BACK. (But only if they are comfy)

Ladies. Quick. When was the last time you wore heels? I JUST started creeping back into the heel-wearing phase, and my feet are not so forgiving after wearing sneakers for oh, 18 months. I am ready to invest in a quality pair of pumps that will stand the test of time, and will let me walk without hobbling 50 feet down the sidewalk on my way to dinner. Secret confession: I have a brand spanking new pair of Louboutins that I have never worn outside of my home. BECAUSE THEY HURT SO DAMN MUCH.

Elizée Shoes | Press Feature: Dallas CW33 with fashion correspondent Cheryl Leahy of All Dressed Up and Nothing to Drink

I received a sample of Elizee booties to check out, and loved the concept immediately. The brand represents slow fashion- sustainable, built to last, the opposite of the fast fashion trend where it goes out of style/wears out quickly. Each pair of shoes is handmade in a single family-owned factory in Italy, filled with artisans who have been crafting quality footwear for generations. And comfort? They feature a Plush Contour insole, buttery soft Italian leather (no plastic here), extra room in the toe box, and a secure, supportive footbed.

I’m trying to decide between the Adriana open-toe heel and the Deia bootie- they might just be a Christmas gift to myself!

Cheers to easy fall fashion updates for the entire family focusing on comfort and self-expression!


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