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Designed to last

Elizée is committed to slow, sustainable fashion, with an emphasis on lasting value. Combining timeless design with the finest quality materials and impeccable craftsmanship, we create limited numbers of heirloom-quality shoes, made to be cherished for a lifetime.

Small batch production. Time honored craftsmanship

Each pair is lovingly handmade in a single family-owned factory in Italy, whose expert artisans have been crafting the highest quality luxury Italian shoes for generations. Every Elizée shoe reflects their integrity, passion, and superior attention to quality and fit.

Ethically sourced materials

Our exquisite leathers are sourced exclusively from Italian tanneries that receive the highest grade from Italy’s Institute of Quality Certification (ICEC), whereby the material is a by-product of the food industry from sustainable European farms, and the tanneries’ production and labor practices are held to the highest standard of social and environmental responsibility.